Coletta HargisColetta Hargis MD is an experienced, versatile and dynamic Board-Certified physician, based in Oakland, California.  Over the course of her 27+ years of experience, Dr. Hargis has developed strong clinical skills and hands-on medical experience both in the hospital and in a successful private practice, specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology.  She’s currently employed with East Bay Perinatal Medical Associates, the largest perinatal service on the West Coast.  Her areas of expertise include high-risk pregnancies, emergency C-sections, labor & delivery (L&D), complex perinatal care, obstetrical care services, innovative practice models, parent education and triaging the neighboring busy labor and delivery unit.

Coletta Hargis graduated from UCLA summa cum laude in 1977, with a major in biology.  She then began studying to earn her MD, finally earning it at UCSF in 1983.  She graduated with honors in medicine core clerkship, surgery core clerkship and OB/GYN core clerkship.  She completed her Residency with the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at UCSF in 1987.  During her chief residency year, she went to Peru to see OB care in a 3rd World country, and assessing the needs of their department for a group of doctors who would be coming after her.  This hospital in the highlands of Peru served as a striking contrast to the environment of UCSS.

Dr. Hargis’ first job was at the Children’s Hospital in San Francisco, where she served as Staff Physician and Assistant Director for 5 years.  She then moved onto Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where she worked as a staff physician in a multi-specialty medical group.  After a year working there, Dr. Hargis moved back to the Bay area, where she’s been serving in various capacities ever since.  Since 1997, Dr. Hargis has been a member of the East Bay Perinatal Medical Associates.  And since 2004, she has worked at the Alta Bates Medical Center, where she serves as both an attending physician and perinatal obstetrician.

At Alta Bates, Coletta Hargis is involved with high-risk OB, and is the leader of a high-risk Critical Action Team dedicated to childbirth emergencies.  Through her work, Dr. Hargis and her colleagues have learned to work effectively in short time frames with both speed and precision.  Her team, carefully hand-picked for their diverse skill sets, handles around 7,000 births every year.  Coletta Hargis works the day shift, spending 12-hour shifts at the hospital.

In addition to her work in OB/GYN, Coletta Hargis has a strong interest in Energy Medicine, a field of study that utilizes various machines which manipulate the energy fields that surround every person through sounds and vibrations of varying frequencies.  Most of these machines were developed in Europe around 20 years ago, although are only now being distributed in the US.  However, since Energy Medicine machines have made it to the US, numerous American medical professionals, including Coletta Hargis have recognized their potential in healing a variety of both physical and mental ailments.  The use of Energy Medicine ties in with another one of Dr. Hargis’ passions: anti-aging medicine.  For over 10 years, Dr. Hargis has been a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and attends an annual conference where doctors who are researchers and leaders in their field come together to discuss cutting-edge technology and the newest information in the field of anti-aging medicine.  Dr. Hargis is a new fellow with Cenegenics, a national group of anti-aging physicians.

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